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Find out what’s going on with the recent Turi news.

School News

From Sports Day at Turi to World Athletics

I went to Turi in 1971 as a seven year old and left in 1976 to go to boarding school in England. I was never one of the top sportsmen at Turi – the extracurricular activities of acting in school plays (The Mikado, Jonah and the whale spring to mind…) and the Boy Scouts were […]

School News

Glorifying God In Our Service

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Matthew 25:40 NIV) As we observed our termly Love in Action Charity Day last week, we were reminded of the sobering words of this verse. The verse is part of a passage […]

School News

Going for the Gold

As far as winning goes, it is easy to say that St Andrew’s School, Turi has been winning for the last nearly 100 years; based on the mere element of surviving and thriving this long. By surviving we mean making it through minimal resources, the depression (when sometimes fees came in the form of maize), […]

School News

Turi Homecoming – A Walk Down Memory Lane

Something that is not spoken about enough when it comes evaluating the quality of education is the social aspect of school life; meeting, knowing and learning to get along with our peers. The linear nature of physical growth means that in the earlier stages of life our companions are comprised of those who are similar […]

School News

2023 A, AS Levels and IGCSE Exams Results

St Andrew’s School, Turi congratulates our senior school students for their exemplary performance in this year’s A and AS Levels; and GCSE exams.

School News

Using Art to Improve Lives

Upgrading the Art Scene in Turi through Friends from Mukuru. Mukuru Art Collective is a great initiative that aims at fostering and nurturing children and youth who have a predisposition for art.

School News

Turi at the Think Young Coding School

A glimpse into the recent experience by Turi’s up and coming coders and tech changemakers as highlighted by our head of computing.

School News

Easter Term 2023

Continued commitment to educating the heart, mind, body and souls as we look to seek the heart of Christ in everything we do

School News

Who’s going to do the dishes?

It’s the season to cook and enjoy good food. Whose job is it wash the dishes? Moreso whose job is it to teach our children how to do dishes?