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Why Turi

St Andrew’s School mission is to develop self-disciplined, confident and compassionate individuals who live and lead with integrity. We aim to provide a happy, stimulating, well-rounded educational experience for children from a wide range of backgrounds and outlooks, in beautiful, rural and safe surroundings.


Ten Reasons to Choose St Andrews,Turi

1. Christian Ethos
Christian beliefs lie at the heart of St Andrew’s School. Regular chapel services bring pupils and teachers together to learn about the Bible and worship collectively. Pupils of all faiths are welcome in the spirit of Christian love and care. Trust, respect and integrity are developed, as pupils explore a personal faith in God.

2. Academic Excellence
At St Andrew’s subscribes to the British Curriculum, focusing on learning through play and foundational skills in the Early Years. As children grow, they become more independent and academic rigour increases. Specialist subject teachers are introduced at Key Stage 2.

3. Pastoral Care and Boarding
Great importance is placed on pastoral care in a family-atmosphere. Whether during the school day or in the evening and weekends, pupils live in a comfortable and secure environment. Young boarders are especially nurtured to ensure they feel safe and cared for, whilst older pupils are encouraged to become increasing independent and responsible. During the term there is regular communication with parents and family visits at VISOs.

4. Leadership
From the youngest of our children in Year 1, all the way through to our leavers in Year 8, the children are taught the leadership principles (7 habits of highly effective people) that help them lead themselves and lead others.

5. A Stunning Environment and Great Facilities
Our large estate offers a quiet, safe and secure learning environment and a setting for a rich array of co-curricular experiences. Many pupils live in busy towns with heavy traffic. Instead of commuting to school each day, time is spent engaged in exciting activities such as team sports, exploration and adventure on the grounds, music and drama productions etc.

6. Sporting Prowess
Sport is a key part of life at St Andrews Prep School. The boarding environment creates time and space for pupils to fully develop their sporting ability and learn team skills that will be useful in many areas of their lives in the future. As an IAPS school we compete with others in Athletics, Netball, Hockey, Football, Rugby and Rugby 7s.

7. Music, Art and Drama
St Andrew’s Prep School offers pupils a great range of opportunities. All pupils have the opportunity to be in a choir and enjoy music, art, Design Technology and cooking lessons, as part of timetabled lessons. Pupils also partake in inter-house competitions, school plays and musical productions as well as a range of recreational clubs.

8. A Rich History
Since it began in 1931, St Andrew’s has grown to be one of the best boarding schools in the region, providing world-class education to children from East Africa and beyond. Starting as a Preparatory School for pupils aged 5 to 13 years, St Andrew’s added the Senior School in 1988 and the College in 2010 making it an all-through school.

9. International School
Being an international School, pupils at St Andrew’s School grow to be global citizens. With many different nationalities among staff and pupils, the pupils have a great awareness of different cultures and ethnic groups and learn to respect and value these differences. There are also annual trips to different parts of the world.

10. The ‘Turi Family’
At St Andrew’s School we aim is to see children leave as mature, thoughtful and resourceful young adults, committed to achieving their potential and making a difference in their communities. Whether pupils leave us at the age of 13 or go on to join the Senior School, they remain part of the ‘Turi family, a truly international community with extensive links reaching around the world.