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Prep School

Ages 3 - 13
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St. Andrew's Turi Senior School

Senior School

Ages 14 - 16
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Turi College

The 6th Form College

Ages 17+
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Latest from Turi

  • Survival of the Fittest

    These four young minds from Turi have proven their business smarts and won scholarships to the Hult International Business School...

  • What’s for break?

    We believe that resting is just as important as studying and this half term our students are enjoying their break on-campus...

  • Mama

    For over 40 years Ms. Veronica has been Mama to many, the Turi matriarch who works behind the scenes to ensure happy boys and girls...

  • Behind the 90 – Meet Mwangi

    Celebrating an important member of the Turi community who is behind a lot of the order and beauty in our public and private spaces...


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