As far as winning goes, it is easy to say that St Andrew’s School, Turi has been winning for the last nearly 100 years; based on the mere element of surviving and thriving this long.

By surviving we mean making it through minimal resources, the depression (when sometimes fees came in the form of maize), fires and the unique operational challenges that fellow educators can relate with.

A winning spirit

As a school we have the rather satisfying but mostly humbling pleasure of regularly receiving compliments on our winning ways; confirmation of our thriving. Seeking the Highest- our school motto is a most suitable description of why we win. It means going for the gold in everything; from academics to housekeeping. It also and maybe more definitively means looking and putting The Almighty before all our plans to go for the gold. This is inspired by the faith of our founding Father Pa Lavers who based on his ways  was the father of “What would Jesus do”. While his was a faith we can only hope to emulate, we continue to be inspired and perhaps we can say the ‘Faith of our Fathers’ is ‘living still’!

But we digress.

Winning Ways

The Oxford Dictionary describes ‘winning ways’ as a series of victories and successes. Yes we have had our fair share of those over the years. We speak about these sparingly and speaking of ways, this is simply the Turi way and a story for another day. We are indeed proud all the wins and endeavor to stay humble, cognizant of God’s favour upon us.

Everyone likes to win and when people speak about winning, often the emphasis is placed on the end, the results, the status… However if you have lived long enough you know the story behind the wins is not always about consistent victories and successes. Many times the path to success is paved with holes and falls.

Winning in Athletics

Recently #TeamTuri  athletes participated in the annual highly anticipated Braeburn Kasarani Athletics Meet. Here, hundreds of athletes from various schools across the country fight for the proverbial and literal cup. We can happily report that #TeamTuri dominated both the Prep and Senior School categories this year and the celebrations continue (including this morning when awards were presented during Prep School Chapel) because this was no mean feat. Braeburn will tell you. For Prep School it has been nine years in the making, the last win being in 2014.

…. and the winners are… #TeamTuri

Working for our wins

As we celebrate, we focus on the definition of the Germanic origin of the word winning- Strive, contend, acquire. These are the best descriptions of our journey to the top. Whether it is in Athletic Meets or simply being Leading School lots of hard work goes into it.

Contrary to ignorant belief, being The St Andrew’s School, Turi is not as a result of privilege or luck. It is the result of consistent striving and contending. Surely when so much effort is put for 90 plus years then there’s no other result expected other than the highest.

Join us in celebrating our young athletes, those who work tirelessly to train them and every single person that has had a hand (and a heart) in making Turi… well Turi.

To many more wins and God’s blessing of our ways!

A win for #TeamTuri