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Welcome to St Andrew’s Senior School. We are a unique and diverse community, providing a truly Christian environment and the highest quality learning experiences following the British Curriculum.

Education does not just take place in the classroom and it does not cease to be felt when examinations are long forgotten.  A Turi education aims for excellence inside and outside the classroom whatever that may look like for each student.  Crucially, we strive to educate young men and women to become better human beings, leaders, employers, employees, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and friends.  The values and moral compass developed through a St Andrew’s education will guide the lives of all students well after they have left our stunning 450 acre site in the Rift Valley.

The American educator Rita Pearson believed that “Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”  At St Andrew’s, Turi, we believe in the value of human connection, working with students to discover their talents and to collectively seek the highest for every individual.  We encourage students to take responsibility for their actions, to learn from their mistakes, in order that they may truly understand that their successes are their own.

Turi is a very special place where we aim to provide a caring, safe and friendly boarding environment in which young people can be at home away from home. We hope that browsing through our website you will get a glimpse of life in the School.  However, I urge you to come and see for yourself, it is only through meeting our students and community will you truly understand what it is like to walk the St Andrew’s way. You are most welcome to arrange a visit, preferably during term time, to see the School in action. You will be assured of a warm welcome.

Mr Ben Pennington
Head Senior School

A Word from the Headmaster