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Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities

Our vision for the Co-Curricular life of the school is very much in line with the school motto of ‘Seeking the Highest.’ Through our wide range of co-curricular opportunities, we aim to give our students every chance to find and excel in their passions outside of the classroom. We believe that a rounded individual with a passion for a multitude of activities is an individual who will thrive both in the classroom and in their future careers. As such, we place a large degree of emphasis on the participation of all students in the co-curricular life of the school, with the focus on building personality traits which will serve our pupils well, long after they have left St Andrew’s.


Clubs and Activities

In addition to every child being given the opportunity to participate in 45 minutes of high-quality games sessions every weekday, based around the key sports for each term, there are also regular clubs and activities which run before and after school, as well as over the weekends, allowing students to discover new hobbies, such as archery, golf and squash. The school runs several teams at age groups from Under-9 to Under 18 and is known across the Kenyan IAPS circuit for its high level of sporting prowess, often winning tournaments, competitions and meetings across the age groups.


Music and LAMBDA

We are a musical school; with dedicated peripatetic lessons being run alongside group choirs, orchestras and ensembles. When not participating in sport, children across have the opportunity to practice and work alongside others in learning instruments and performing musical pieces. St Andrew’s is proud to host its famous ‘Orchestral weekend’ annually, when prep and senior schools from across Kenya travel to Turi on two weekends to join together and create musical pieces, which are then performed in a concert at the end of the weekend. Children study individually towards ABRSM qualifications and are regularly given the opportunity to be examined and move through the achievement grades on their instruments.

Our co-curricular endeavours extend to the stage, with annual productions being a highlight of the school calendar.


Weekend Program

Being a boarding school special effort is put into a weekend program which is provided for our students. We take advantage of our grounds and facilities and put together activities which allow our students to pursue adventure, creativity, and excellence. All prep school pupils are active members of Uniformed Organisations (Guides and Scouts and Chipettes) where our pupils can learn life skills while those in Senior School are expected to participate and complete the Turi Leadership Award programme by the end of Year 13. Alongside arts, music and other hobbies, emphasis is placed on exploring outdoors – activities such as camping, kayaking, bike riding form part of weekend fun. We provide a range of activities to ensure that no weekend is ever dull for students.



Leadership underpins the co-curricular life at St Andrew’s Prep School, with every activity or club promoting the learning of key leadership skills.