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Our goal is that every young person will leave Turi with the character and skills needed to thrive in a society that is changing at an ever increasing pace. Academic skills are no longer the sole route to success. Students must demonstrate that they are articulate communicators, effective managers, confident leaders and empathetic team members.

Students develop their leadership skills through workshops, seminars, lectures, clubs and societies, on the sports field, in the boarding houses and by taking on roles of responsibility around the School and College. We aim to equip students to become young people of influence and integrity.


Leadership at Prep School

At Prep School, we believe that everyone can be a leader. As a ‘Leader in Me School’ we learn about and practice the 7 Habits: they form the basis of everything we do from our rewards to our assemblies to our actions around school. These habits inspire us in how we lead ourselves and lead others and are taught every week, by students, in tutor times and chapels as we seek to better ourselves as leaders today, tomorrow and in the future.

We are proud to be a ‘Leader in Me School’ and are on track to be granted ‘Lighthouse Status’ in the coming year!


Leadership at Senior School and Sixth Form College

“Let he who is greatest amongst you be your servant” Matthew 23:11

Turi Leadership Award is designed to strengthen and develop our mission to build and mould the next generation of leaders of integrity and vision in Africa and beyond. This is a rigorous two-year Leadership course undertaken by students in Years’ 12 and 13.

The programme has independent assessment points where students’ performance as leaders is assessed both internally and externally.

Emerging Leaders Foundation https://elfafrica.org  is the organization tasked with accrediting the leadership programme against clear and challenging attainment criteria.

The programme is designed to cover the following Leadership strands:

  • Self-discipline/self-improvement – Improve in areas of weakness such as personal organisation/physical fitness etc. Show resilience on a challenging service expedition.
  • Theory of leadership – an extended essay (1500 words) on leadership theory for students to learn and understand models of leadership and develop their ability to work independently over a long period on an extended study.
  • Service – a record of sustained contribution to the community and learn that leadership and service are intertwined together.
  • Strategic leadership – plan, implement, monitor and evaluate a project to improve an aspect of school life.
  • Leading others
    • Organising others
    • Developing others
    • Emotional literacy
    • Inspiring others