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Academic Excellence

Students are taught in a class setting from the Early Years Foundation Stage. Subject teaching is introduced gradually, until all areas of the curriculum are taught by specialist subject teachers.

The majority of our students move on to St Andrew’s Senior School; for this reason Year 8s do not sit the Common Entrance exams.


Teaching style

From an early age, children at Turi are encouraged to express their own ideas, to defend their viewpoint coherently and courteously and to work as independently as possible. General knowledge is recognised as being important and, despite the School’s rural location, students are well informed about current affairs and are perfectly at home with many aspects of communication technology. Even our youngest children are confident negotiating the Internet and e-mail.

The classrooms are equipped with controlled direct Internet access and interactive white boards are widely used.

Students are afforded the opportunity to enhance their education outside of the classroom, using our beautiful over 450 acre estate, through visits to local community projects and excursions to places of educational interest.


The Learning Success Centre

There is a Learning Success Department in the Prep School to assist individuals with specific difficulties, ensuring that they are given appropriate help and support.


Class Structure

The academic progress of each student is monitored by a class teacher in Years 1 to 5 and by a tutor in Years 6 to 13. Parents and staff regularly discuss progress during VISO weekends, when all teaching staff are available for consultation.

Class sizes are small in order to maximize teaching time and individual attention for each student.