Turi at the Think Young Coding School

The 17th Edition of the Think Young Coding school 2023 featured an interactive curriculum that included coding skills in the aviation industry, robotics, website development and drones. In the last two days of the Coding school, we had more exciting opportunities with our Year 7 and 8 students perfecting their codes, building robots, flying drones, learning more about Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  

The session helped the students advance their coding skills and build a deeper understanding of complex coding concepts, python syntax and how to execute a python script with command line. In addition to coding skills, the participants were introduced to Artificial Intelligence, a competency that is equally important in any modern work environment. 

The students made beautiful presentations of the websites they were able to develop over the week. They developed their oral and communication skills to deliver clear and effective presentations about their own websites and robotics ideas. 

The climax of it all was the Graduation ceremony that was held on Sunday 5th February to celebrate the student’s coding achievement. This occasion was graced by the Boeing META team, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of ICT and representatives from the US Embassy. 

The students were all very excited to experience coding in such a stimulating and inclusive learning context. The experiences and the real-world interactions offered by the coding school will remain a great challenge for the students to take their first steps into the STEM world. 

When we think about today’s labour market, we see that there are many professions that did not exist 10 or 20 years ago. I am convinced that this change will proceed even faster, and today’s students will be doing work that is difficult for us to imagine today. That is why it is so important to acquire the skills of the future and I am absolutely convinced that the Think Young Coding school program helped a lot with the students acquiring such advanced coding and programming skills. This will without any doubt open doors of possibilities for many other technological opportunities for the participants. 


Elias Mutua
Head of Computing
St Andrew’s Prep School, Turi