Using Art to Improve Lives

Mukuru Art Collective is a great initiative that aims at fostering and nurturing children and youth who have a predisposition for art. The main aim is to fight poverty and other vices through art empowerment.

The collective located in the Nairobi Ghetto of Mukuru not only creates a safe space for local youth, keeping them away from drugs, crime and sensitization. The collective aids young artists in the ideation, generation and marketing of their talents, ultimately providing the space and platform allowing for a sustainable development and source of income from their art talents.

The Mukuru Art Collective currently counts 40 semi-professional artists below the age of thirty. The collective is deeply embedded in the local community, with their good work extending outside of the current artists, through the running a year round kids club. The club engages local children below the age of 16, teaching them art every weekend and during school holidays as a way of engaging their unsupervised time in a productive manner.



St Andrew’s School, Turi has partnered with Mukuru Art Collective with the aim to grow the professional skills of the young artists as well as grow the artistic skills of Turi students. The school will get two artists from the collective every two months for this purpose.