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In 1931, when the doors of St Andrew’s opened, it was in fulfillment of a calling. The Founders were coming to this scarcely populated village for the sake of the farmers’ children as they did not have a school to go to. The making of St Andrew’s into the regionally celebrated academic institution that it is today has been largely due to the strong and sound foundation laid by the Lavers as well as the contribution and dedication of the staff that have worked at the school over the years.

More than 90 years later, the relationship between the school and the wider Turi community continues to be cordial and collaborative. The school has supported the community in as many ways as the community has come through for the school. Almost every community member in Turi can relate with the school- a family member that comes through the gates of St Andrew’s daily and in some cases, different generations of one family that have been of service to the school.

Turi village is made up of about 10 ethnic groups with varying customs and cultures. The main economic activity is small scale farming.

The existence of the school has without a doubt elevated the community. Through individual efforts and formal school-run projects, the St Andrews’s School community has over the years helped the less fortunate members of the Turi community by supporting community initiatives as well as initiating and running others that contribute to the uplifting of its members in big and small ways. The initiatives have received support from the student body, staff members, Alumni and parents.

A limited number of bursaries are open to new and existing students, subject to financial need to allow access to the school for those who would not otherwise be able to enjoy a St Andrew’s Turi education due to financial inability. Individual awards will be dependent on the level of financial need identified by the school.


Charities we Support

  • Turi Children’s Project
  • Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre
  • Green Park Primary and Nursery Schools
  • Turi Sulgwita & Green Park Primary
  • Molo Street Children’s Project
  • Missions of Hope School
  • Chazon Children’s Project
  • Shekina Children’s Project
  • Green Park Primary and Nursery Schools
  • Moses and Mary Centre

You can donate to the Senior School’s Live In Love charity via mpesa;

Paybill: 500078

Account Name: SSLIL