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Boarding Life

Tsavo is the newest boarding house at St Andrew’s, Turi and home to up to 60 Year 13 students.

The other boarding houses contain a mixture of ages but Tsavo is home to year 13s and some year 12s who are leaders of the other houses. During the final year of school, students are focused on achieving the best possible A Level results but also on the task of applying and preparing for university life.

The vision for Tsavo is to give Year 13s everything they need to achieve these goals. The house has a more adult feel with students taking additional responsibility for their behaviour and working more independently. All students have individual rooms, with six sharing a kitchen, a balcony and access to a washing machine. Boys and girls have separate living areas (Tsavo East and West) but share a common room for house meetings, group study and social events.

The Houseparents supported by Assistant Houseparents all live within the boarding house. There is also a fantastic team of tutors who give their students individual mentoring in their studies and university applications.

The Head of Careers , Carol Nyagah, is based within Tsavo, allowing students to access regular support and advice. She provides excellent advice on applying to universities around the world as well as in-depth training on writing ‘Personal Statements’. Students also have the opportunity to discuss different careers and arrange work experience in various locations.

Although Year 13 is highly focused on hard work, we also aim to allow time to relax and unwind. On Saturday nights there are many enjoyable events, many of which are organised by the Tsavo Social Committee and Year 13 Prefect Team.

During their final term, before exams have been completed, Year 13 students, their families and staff celebrate their graduation with a magnificent ceremony, celebratory meal and evening dance. It is bitter-sweet to see them depart each year and see them off with the hope of seeing them when they visit as Old Turians.

Karibu Tsavo