Year 7 River Trip

Goggles, oranges, metre rulers and stop watches. What could Year 7 pupils possibly be up to with these on their packing list? Our topic in Geography for the first half of the Easter term is rivers. Our ever-enthusiastic pupils set off to tame the wild waters of the Molo river. They took various measurements in order to record the features of the channel both outside school and then further down the river’s course on Gogar farm in Rongai.


The pupils were surprisingly robust about entering the chilly water and once they had collected their data, greatly enjoyed a splash about in the sunshine. We are very lucky to live in a rural part of Kenya and to have the support from our farming neighbours to enable Year 7 to carry out this practical work in safe, private and beautiful stretches of our nearby river. It is always humbling to see the simple joy of children enjoying nature and for many of our pupils this was definitely their first dip in something deeper than a stream!


We will now use the data collected in lessons and look to draw various conclusions about how a river changes from source to mouth. We will also remember how privileged we are to live in this beautiful part of Africa.


Mrs E. Nightingale