Year 7 and 8 Art Trip to Nairobi

Year 7 and Year 8 pupils traveled to Nairobi for a two day art trip, visiting different locations and developing the children’s appreciation for art in the real world.  Years 8s were able to develop their art portfolio and gain an insight into how real artists operate. The Years 7s were able to explore different methods of creating art and experience real art works.

Pupils took part in workshops at the Nairobi Art Centre, including pottery and graffiti art. Each pupils made their own clay pot, using coils and decorative elements. It was a great start to the day, getting their hands messy and each moulding the clay in their individual way. Everyone enjoyed the graffiti art, with the pupils collaborating on a two large pieces.  They learnt techniques including how to create effective lines in the paint and adding splattering techniques to finish the piece off. The final result was incredible and the Centre let us spray-paint ‘Turi’ and their names on the wall, which will remain forever.
On the second day pupils visited working artist workshops at the Kuona Trust. Pupils were able to talk to artists, watch them working and gain inspiration from their work. Some of the artists also showed them how to draw still life compositions and how to improve drawing technique. It was fascinating seeing the artists create their amazing works.
It was a really successful trip, picking up skills that can be used in the future and creating works that we will keep forever.