Year 4 Students Visit Lake Nakuru National Park

School trips are always a favourite for any school child, and the Year 4 class had been eagerly waiting for their class trip. Finally, Friday the 18th of May came and we set off for the trip, to the disappointment of the pupils that we were not stopping at a hotel for a swim or lunch. It would turn out to be a fun-filled educational trip. The pupils were so responsible, interested and surprisingly quiet on the bus.

We had an amazing time at the park and it was fulfilling to see the pupils analyse the park environment and relate to what they learned in class. They made observations and filled in their questionnaires,  had fun writing names of animals and plants in the habitat and drawing food chains, while some found joy in sketching animals and plants that they saw. I noticed that the pupils have such vast knowledge of bird life and are quite brave; at the baboon cliff a group of them thought they saw a snake and wanted to actually get it out of its hiding place; at the same time, I watched a girl have fun playing and teasing a rock hyrax!

All in all there was a lot to add on to what they learned in class and their general knowledge of nature. The pupils displayed remarkable levels of confidence, discipline and care for one another, a true testimony that Turi is making a leader out of each single child.

This is what the pupils had to say about their trip:


This was the best trip of my life; I learned that only one male impala guards a group of females. The rest live in a group of bachelors! I saw so many animals.

I carried my birds book and I saw so many of the birds. I spend my time on the bus sketching the birds in my note book. My favourite thing was the animals and the waterfall.

The trip was brilliant, the bit I enjoyed the most was the baboon cliff.

Mrs. Mwenda
Year 4 Form Tutor