Year 13 Watamu Geography trip

The Year 13 geographers were accompanied by their Geography teachers to the Watamu and Malindi coastline.  They stayed at the Mwamba Field Studies Centre run by the A Rocha conservation group.
The students were up early each day in order to complete their fieldwork investigations. They undertook several walks along the coastline observing the processes in operation, the land forms created as well as the the human activities. The group also visited the Mida Creek community eco-tourism, the Arabuko-Sokeke forest and the sand dunes north of the Sabaki River. Late every afternoon the students measured the waves – number, drift, height and velocity.

On the final day, they visited the Local Ocean Trust Turtle Watch project and the Eco-world waste recycling centre. The highlight was witnessing the release back into the wild of a couple of rescued turtles and a well deserved ice cream treat at the end of the trip.