Year 13 Geography trip to Watamu

The Year 13 Geographer students recently undertook a coastal trip to Watamu. They traveled by the Madaraka Express to Mombasa before transferring to Watamu island. They stayed at the Mwamba Field Studies Centre run by A Rocha Kenya.

The students learned about marine processes, as well as coastal land forms and ecosystems. They visited Mida Creek – a protected area of mangroves, Local Ocean – an NGO focused on protecting turtles, Eco World – an NGO focusing on innovative and appropriate methods of recycling, the sand dunes near Malindi , as well as an erosional feature akin to Hell’s gate at the Bore Forest Centre.

They also snorkelled in the Watamu Marine Park, a protected area of coral reef, and listened to a talk by Colin Jackson, on the bird conservation work happening at A Rocha. Mr Jackson is  also a member of the St Andrew’s Board of Governors.