Year 12 Christmas Presentation

On Wednesday 7th December, the Sayer Hall was the scene for the annual Christmas presentation by Year 12 students. The theme of the Christmas spirit was conveyed through an adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens.

With a little guidance and support from their tutors, the Year 12s organised themselves within groups and adapted the script to deliver an entertaining yet thought-provoking and original performance showing their versatility and creativity. In a colorful evening of acting and creative use of contemporary music and dance, the Year 12 group brought home the message of staying true to the real message of the Christmas season, sharing love and concern for others in a tangible way.

A highlight of the performance was a powerful original monologue delivered by Trina Aujo which captured the message of going back to the original Christmas message. The same impressive piece would later be published in the Op-Ed page of the Monitor newspaper in Uganda on Christmas Day. The Year 12 presentation is part of the Leadership programme within St Andrew’s College to promote student-driven initiatives. The fact that every Year 12 student had a role in the production was a great testament to their collective ability and determination. Special mention should go to the Year 12 Drama students who helped direct and co-ordinate the entire presentation.

The current Year 12 group continued with the fine precedent set by their immediate predecessors and the School looks forward to another great presentation by the next Year 12 cohort in December 2017.