Year 11 Geography trip to Kiplombe

On Wednesday 13 February the Y11 geographers departed for their last Geography trip of their IGCSE course. They were dropped off at the base of Kiplombe – a dormant volcano that can be observed from the top pitch at Turi.

After the students hydrated with a soda Cyrus, the ranger for the trip orientated the students and reminded them what they needed to do to be safe. They then started the ascent of Kiplombe, seeing how deforestation had caused soil degradation as well as the hydrology of the mountain.
They stopped in the crater for a lunch break before exiting the crater on the walk down to the camp site for the evening. Students were then treated to a tasty kebab dinner prepared by the Turi chef Jackson. After a good night’s sleep we awoke to the rather loud sound of Collobus monkeys.
It was then time to enjoy a cooked breakfast before striking camp. Students then ascended Londiani, which was a totally different experience to the day before due to the luxurious vegetation which our ranger often had to cut through to clear the path. The views for the summit allowed them to see up towards Turi as well as to the Menengai crater.
They spotted a yellow spot below – the school bus which gave them the impetus to commence the steep descent. A feeling of satisfaction and success greeted each person who managed the challenge to conquer Kiplombe and Londiani.