Year 10 Mtumba Trip to Molo

The Year 10 students in St Andrew’s Senior School were lucky enough to participate in the annual trip to the Molo mtumba market, to develop their journalistic writing skills.

As part of the half term’s work exploring the theme ‘Me, Myself and Africa’, students were encouraged to research the complexities of the mtumba clothing industry in Kenya, while also reflecting on the personal experience of shopping in a local market place through descriptive writing.


Each student was given a 300 ksh budget to spend, which enabled them to both shop for a bargain, as well as donate a clothing item to the school’s community charities. All students, on their return to class, were then required to write their own article exploring the experience, drawing on descriptive techniques and journalistic ideas.

This trip is a powerful learning tool as it enables the students to practically see how individual experiences can shape their creativity.