Year 10 Geography Field Trip To Turi

The Y10 Geography field trip to the Turi River occurred on the 31st of October 2016. We left as a group comprised of both classes taught by Mr Aston and Ms Hobkinson respectively. We went to the river in order to finish up our work on the topic “River Environments”. Personally, I found the trip both fun and educational. Our first site was in the upland section where we found and sketched truncated spurs. I got to use the Secchi disc that measures river turbidity.

We then moved on to the second site where we had our lunch break. This site had a floodplain. We found invertebrates such as the stone faced nymph on the rocks in the river. Invertebrates are an indicator to the water quality of a river. I helped to measure the width of the river. We got to see a waterfall. We then went off to our final site where I got to record the depth of the river.

Overall, this trip helped me in many ways and I learnt many new skills such as how to measure the depth and width of a river and also using equipment such as the Secchi disc and I would like to give a big thanks to the Geography department.

Fortunes K’odhiambo – Year 10 Student