Year 1 and 2 Trip to Lord Egerton Castle

On Tuesday the 14th of May, Year 1 and 2, all 16 of us, accompanied by Miss Habtu, Miss Onyango, Miss Hubbard and Ms Ndegwa set off to visit a castle. We had just started learning about the Norman castles which were built many years ago. So as we set off that sunny morning to see Lord Egerton Castle we were not very sure what to expect: would we see battlements or a keep? Would we see a moat or a drawbridge? Would there be a winding staircase and a dungeon and a dance hall? Would there be a knight in shining armour or a foot soldier waiting to show us round?


We went prepared for all types of weather and we went prepared to learn all we could about castles. We learnt that this special castle was built for love and  yet it brought sadness. We played in a never ending maze, we climbed stairs after stairs. We saw some beautiful Llamas. If you want to know more come and find us in year 1 and 2: we learnt so much and we love telling people about it.

Magda Ndegwa