World Scholars Cup

We wish to congratulate all the Senior School students who participated in the regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup last week for their sterling performance.

The World Scholar’s Cup is an educational challenge which seeks to develop the skills of students in debating, researching and writing. Connected to a community of over 3000 scholars from across the globe, our students explored ways to link academic subjects to real-life situations. From the challenge of competing in three rounds of debating, to an intense quiz-show component, the students enjoyed learning in fun and interactive ways. It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and commitment of our students, who strived for success in a highly competitive academic arena.
Arianna Manduku won the prize as the top student in the whole senior division – an impressive feat given that the competition includes a range of ages spanning up to Year 13 (and she is only Year 10)! Furthermore, Ojeikere Ojeifo was also selected as a show case debater, competing in the debate entitled ‘Kenya’s success is grounded on good luck’. In this, he demonstrated a verve and charisma not often seen in students his age. All the students who participated should be commended as their dedication in studying the demanding curriculum has resulted in the whole cohort gaining qualification for the global round in Vietnam.