World Scholars Cup Regional Round

The World Scholars Cup is an international educational programme and competition dedicated to the celebration of learning. This year’s theme is ‘A world on the margins’. Students study a contemporary curriculum covering the subjects of Literature, Science, Social Science, History, The Arts and Special Area – Unsolved mysteries.

Students compete in teams of three in a series of 4 events – Team Debate, Collaborative writing, Scholars’ Challenge and Scholars’ Bowl. The competition took place over two days. As well as the competitive events, students enjoyed a showcase debate as well as a talent show. The final event of the competition was the awards’ ceremony which saw Turi students taking home a plethora of medals and some trophies to boot.
Junior Division
  • Best Turi individual – Paris Ouma, 7th overall
  • Eghosa Izedonmwen – 9th overall in debating
  • best Turi team – Paris Ouma, Janelle Mwaura and Ella Ndubai – 5th overall
Senior Division
  • Best Turi individual – Bradley Mogere 5th overall
  • Best Turi team – Wendy Gachagua, Wanjiru Kariuki and Minh Bui – 14th overall
  • Wanjiru Kariuki – Selected to take part in the Showcase Debate and spoke confidently and convincingly.