Out of this World: An Enriching Talk on Space

Sunday 3rd December saw the second of our Enrich events of the term. This was held in the staff club where, over a lovely meal, the students heard a lecture entitled ‘ Out of this world’; A talk on Space- astronomy, cosmology and astrophysics from Mr Nicholas Martyn, Head of Science.

He took us through the different things we can see in space, how scientists can measure the universe and also what the future may hold. The evening ended with a debate by the students with the motion ‘ This house believes that in a time of collapsing national economies and worldwide austerity measures, investment in space is a bad use of resources.”  The debate was delivered well and I’m sure if we did not have to return to Boarding Houses, the debate would have continued long into the night.

Enrich is a group of selected students, nominated due to their academic potential. As well as individual tracking of these students to ensure they are being stretched, the twice termly Enrich sessions serve as an opportunity to expose them to topics that they may not ordinarily come across. Subject material is varied and stimulating, ensuring students are challenged in a wide variety of academic disciplines.