What makes a Good Prefect at Prep School?

Part of our pastoral responsibility at St Andrew’s is to provide pupils with an opportunity to lead. Not only are leaders identified in Year 8, they are recognised in Year 6 as Junior Prefects. A real positive of the Leadership Programme at St Andrew’s is that everyone can be a leader in their own right, whether that’s leading themselves or others.

Four of our Prep School Prefects were asked “what is the most important thing about being a Prefect?”. Lets find out what they said…

Varun: “The most important thing about being a Prefect is being a good leader.  I like being given a variety of responsibilities”.
Evie: “I really enjoy being a Prefect because you are immediately a role model to younger pupils. It is very important that you set a good example”.
Chrystal: “As leaders, Prefects have many responsibilities around the School, including Junior Playground Break Duty, duties in the dining hall, monitoring Chapel and raising the flag on a Friday”.
Austin- Head Boy: “A leader is a role model to others. I enjoy the privilege of using the Prefect’s Hut”!