The dust is finally settling after the Turi 7s this weekend that saw 11 schools participating in netball and rugby. It was a was a good weekend for the Senior School, who won both the Turi 7s rugby and netball games, while the Under 13s won the Ndume 7s rugby  at Pembroke House with the netball team coming 2nd in the plate category.

This was VISO weekend and the final one of the term and the focus this time was on the Prep School.  There was lots to celebrate, especially for the outgoing class (year 8), coming Just a day after the release of the Common Entrance Exams.

Saturday of love

Saturday morning began with activities by Love In Action- our very own prep school charity, the purpose; to raise money for the larger St Andrew’s School Charity: Turi Children’s Project. As always, the pupils came up with different ideas to fund raise, from selling baked goods, to auctioning off things they felt they no longer needed or had outgrown. Believe it or not, some paid to have themselves sprayed with water guns! Put together by the French Department, the French Café served its customers an array of c’est délicieux goodies whose proceeds also went to the charity.

Amidst the buzz and excitement of the activities, parents were trickling in to classes to review their children’s performance for the year.   It wouldn’t be VISO without music; parents were treated to a music concert at the Prep School chapel. Presented on stage was music, poetry and orchestral pieces whose sweet sounding symphonies seemed well beyond their years. It is no wonder then that the Turi Chapel choir is headed for the choir Olympics this July.  All this is thanks to Turi’s own musical power-couple, Mr and Mrs Luvai. Their dedication, has literally brought to the light the pupils’ vast melodic talents.

Sunday Speeches

Sunday was the Prep School Speech day; sprinkled with interludes of prayer, singing and poetry. In his speech, the Headmaster reflected back on the year that was. His speech took a 3 part approach of the mind, body and heart as he went through the highlights of the year.

This year’s in Bible study focused on the gospel of John and Mr Llwellyn recounted the fulfillment in  seeing pupils praying in groups, participating in the Turi charity events, and of course giving their lives to Christ as was witnessed at  last VISO’s baptism. This he felt, were testament to Turi’s mission to help pupils navigate through the ever changing world, with their faith intact.

The Guest of honour, Bobby Patel, an old Turian was here between 1997 and 2004. He has worked for Goldman Sachs and is back in Nairobi working at a private equity firm and managing a family coffee and dairy farm.
He revealed the four rules he has lived by and that have helped him along the way;

  • Taking risks is good – He urged the year 8’s to take risks as he says; they were still quite young and could recover quickly if the risk did not pay off.
  • Hard work works – We shouldn’t confuse movement with progress. You are better off aiming high and missing, than aiming low and hitting.
  • Be humble – Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity.
  • Believe- Have faith and always thank God for grace, love, humility, peace and prosperity.

He concluded his speech by emphasizing the Turian philosophy; we should always reach back and help others. As is customary with every speech day, the pupils were handed awards; recognizing not just outstanding achievement but also progress and effort made. The prize categories included Art, Music, Riding and Sports.


It’s the end of year, usually the season of goodbyes at Turi. Among those who we are bidding farewell were;

  • Alison Farago : Outgoing bursar who also got the GOAT award as the Best bursar to ever have worked in Turi in its history,
  • Ms Gray : RS teacher
  • Mrs Foster : EYFS and Key Stage 1 coordinator
  • Mrs Kinuthia : Member of the SEN department

The speech day was concluded by a member of the Turi board, Mr Mbuvi Gunze who congratulated winning teams, the school for the SIS audit, the staff for creating a conducive environment for the pupils to study. He challenged the parent body to volunteer to be governors and the Prep school choir ended the day, on a thankful note with the Hallelujah chorus.

We look for another year of activities, fellowship and academic success and of course the VISOs that brings the Turi family together.