Visit by Hon Justice William Ouko

The Senior School students had the privilege of welcoming the honourable Justice William Ouko, a legal practitioner and magistrate of 3 Years in Kenya. The honourable Justice Ouko is also a Deputy Registrar of the High Court and has served as a Judge of both the High Court and Court of Appeal. He enthralled the students with many intriguing facts about Kenya’s legal system.

He spoke about the court systems, the constitution, crimes and the penalties they incur. The discussion on drug abuse in particular, left the students quite thunderstruck. The honourable Justice Ouko revealed shocking fact after shocking fact. These included the unfortunate facts that children as young as eight years abuse drugs and that there are more than 207 outlawed drugs.
Equally surprising were the excessive penalties that drug related crimes incurred. The hefty fines and long prison sentences were enough to deter the students from the thought of ever getting involved with drugs.