Uniformed Orgs

Uniformed Organisations at St Andrew’s School, Turi have had something of a revamp this term. The groups are now meeting on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday morning, and these sessions are fast becoming everyone’s favourite time of the week, with staff and pupils all excited about the range of activities that are on offer for them.


The Chippets, our youngest pupils in reception to year 3, have been  learning how to play different  board games such as Dobble, Connect 4, Guess Who, Snakes and Ladders. When the children play games they are not only learning how to take turns and share but they are also learning how communicate verbally. The Chippets have also introduced outdoor games and activities that challenge the children’s balance and movement. The children have enjoyed climbing on the monkey bars, turning, swinging, jumping, skipping and throwing and catching, all of these skills support the children’s visual tracking skills which aid their reading skills too!​


In Cubs, the boys have been focused on completing a photography project using school cameras and ipads to develop their photography skills. This has also been a great success with some fantastic photography being produced by the boys.


The Brownies this term so far have been working towards their party planning certificate. They have created new games in their sixes and visited TCP to trial their games. They have made badges and party invites ready for their party for the Turitots. Going into next term the girls will be working towards their outdoor adventures badge and start off by making dens and learning to make fires in the forest. The Guides have been doing service this term. They have each come up with their own ideas of how they can serve community in and out of school. There have been visits to TCP, recycling projects, making games for the workforce nursery and planning a party for the workforce nursery.


Finally the Scouts have been doing another wide range of activities on a two week rolling programme. Within their patrols, which have all been named after animals (the Baringo Hippos for example!) they have been working on first aid, paddle boarding, swimming and outdoor cooking.

All the groups have been working really well this term so far, and we are looking forward to more learning, service, fun and adventure in the coming weeks, before camps start to take place after Christmas.