Under 19 Tennis Tournament at Rift Valley Academy

The under 19 tennis team was took part in an exciting tournament at the Rift Valley Academy on Saturday 3rd November. They returned to school victorious having won 3 matches.


The first match was a doubled co-ed event between Turi and Rift Valley Academy. Maria Etiang and Mueni Mutinda were playing as Turi’s second doubles team. Turi started strong with a 3 – 0 lead however R.V.A stepped up the gear to hand the Turi girls their first defeat. Final score was 8-5 in favor of R.V.A.  Maureen Mwangi playing in the singles event narrowly lost her first match 8 – 5 against a top seeded player from Hillcrest.


She redeemed her strength in her second match as she won 6 – 4 against Rossyn Academy. Maureen was handed a walkover in her third match propelling her to the quarter finals of the singles competition but due to time she was unable to proceed beyond that stage. Michael Ohonde and Tamunomiete Whyte playing as Turi’s first doubles team in a co-ed event defeated Hillcrest 8 – 6 heading to the fourth round, unfortunately, their tournament ended there as Turi suffered an injury setback with one of their players and the team had to pull out of this event.


Turi’s last match was between Hillcrest in the doubles event. Maria and Mueni went down fighting as they lost in tie break; the final score was 6-5 to Hillcrest. “The competition was a good learning platform for us”, said the team captain Maria Etiang. The next action moves to the second leg of this competition at R.V.A on the 10th November 2018.

Well done to our boys and girls!