Under 19 Boys Tennis Tournament

Seven boys from the St Andrew´s Senior School tennis team made us proud in the recent Under 19 Boys Tennis Tournament. The tournament ran for two days, and attracted participants from Jalaram Academy, Kisumu Day High School, Kisumu Senior Academy, Magadi High School as well as two home schooled participants from Nakuru.

Exciting tennis matches
The matches took place in seven groups: A,B,C,D,E,F and G. The format of play was that a single top player from groups, B, C, D, E, F and G would make it to the quarter finals along with two players from group A. Shadrack Ochieng from Kisumu Day High School topped group A with 16 points and all wins, followed closely by Billy Jagero from Maseno, with 14 points and 3 wins. Michael Odongo from Kisumu Day High School came in third with 2 wins and 12 points.

Collins Ochieng was first in group B with 3 wins and 12 points. John Onyango from Kisumu Day High School was second with 11 points and 2 wins and Eric Kibogo finished in third position with a single win and 8 points. Sean Mwaniki from St Andrew’s School, Turi sailed into the quarters after emerging first in group C with 3 wins and 12 points. Priyesh Dangariya from Jalaram Academy was a close second with 2 wins and 10 points. Number three of the group was Yaj Parmar, also from Jalaram Academy who had a single win and 7 points. Michael Ohonde also topped group D, thus going through in the quarter finals. He had 3 wins and 12 points too. Mwai Wahome from Nakuru was second with 2 wins and 8 points. Joseph Okal and Rimal Patel, both from Kisumu Senior Academy came in a distant third and fourth respectively.

There was an intense battle in group E as Oluwamurewa Fagun from Turi missed a chance to go into the quarter finals when he lost his match against Josiah Tocco from Nakuru. Josiah topped his group with 3 wins and 12 points while Murewa had 10 points and 2 wins. Yesh Patel from Kisumu Senior Academy was third while Jairus Ochieng came in fourth. Shandeep Jaiswal from Kisumu Senior Academy emerged the winner of group F with 3 wins and 12 points, his compatriot Jay Patel was second with 2 wins and 8 points. Tejas Bhatt and Ryan Omondi were tied in third position.

It was time for St Andrew’s Senior School to shine again as Michael Mcharo booked the last spot into the quarters in group G, with 3 wins and 12 points. Second position went to Deep Patel from Kisumu Senior while Xavio Nthenge from Turi was third with 1 win and 4 points. Michael Ohonde from Turi came into the quarters as top seed due to his points margin. He took on Billy Jagero who made the eighth seed.

The Finals
Michael lost this match in two straight sets. Shadrack Ochieng also won his match against Michael Mcharo, in straight sets as well, final scores, 4-2 and 4-0. Sean Mwaniki moved into the semis with a 4-1, 4-3 win over Josiah Tocco and in the last quarter final match of the day, Shandeep lost to Kisumu Day’s Collins 4-1, 4-2 in the final score. Billy from Maseno moved into the finals with a 4-3, 4-1 win over Shadrack from Kisumu while Turi’s Sean Mwaniki lost the second semi match to Collins. Billy emerged the winner of the boys under 19 tournament after beating Collins Ochieng 4-1 and 4-1. Shadrack defeated Sean to take the third spot.

A great tournament
All the visitors enjoyed the tournament and their time at St Andrew’s School, Turi. They enjoyed their stay at the camp site and making friends with the St Andrew’s students. The winners were excited to take home medals in addition to the participatory certificates. Many thanks to Ms Rebecca Greenhalgh (Director or Sport), Mr Mike Okidia (Assistant Head) and Mr Andrew Boulle (Headmaster) for their support.