Under 13 Tennis Tournament

The under 13 team selection tennis tournament came to a close last week with Nicola Boulle and Luke Spragg emerging as the winners in their respective categories.


In the girls’ round robin event, Nicola Boulle topped the group with 5 wins and 20 points. Gabriella Stolarow came in second with 4 wins and 19 points. In third position we had Mary Martha – Saazi with 3 wins and 18 points. Tapiwanashe Chuma came in fourth to seal the top four under 13 tennis team qualifiers with 2 wins and 15 points. Jessica Akpan and Mitchell Mogeni were fifth and sixth respectively.


In the boys’ event, the firework was between Jamie Jean – Louis versus Luke Spragg with Luke winning the duel and the competition with a solid 6 wins and 24 points. Jamie who had a slow start against Luke came in second with 5 wins and 23 points. Edward Magongo was a surprise third with 3 wins and 17 points thanks to his hard work in tennis this term. Ninye Mugambe was fourth with 14 points and three wins as well. With the top four team slots complete, Pierre Ayebare, Oluwamayowa Fagun and Wilfred Kemboi came in fifth, sixth and seventh positions.


Player of the tournament : Luke Spragg whose unwavering style of play saw him clinch the boys’ title in style.

Special Mention : Gabriella Stolarow and Edward Magongo who showed that hard work pays. 

Both players on the under 11 and under 13 events were awarded with certificates.