UK and USA Town and Gown tours

Town and Gown tours: During the October half term, College students had the opportunity to visit both the UK and USA to visit various universities. The UK Town and Gown tour featured 14 Year 13 students accompanied by Mrs Andwati and Mr Draper.


This was the fifth edition of the tour and they visited Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Loughborough, London School of Economics and Imperial College London. The students met with university admissions staff and attended mini-lectures in addition to meeting ex-Turi students attending the various institutions. The inaugural US Town and Gown tour consisted of 19 students from Year 12 accompanied by Mr Andwati and Ms Coombe.


Among the universities visited were Boston University, Northeastern, MIT, Tufts, Harvard, Trinity College Connecticut, Yale, Rutgers, Princeton, New York University and Columbia. In addition to meeting up with university officials, the students were able to connect with former Turi students attending those institutions. Both tours provided students with excellent opportunities to visit a variety of institutions of higher learning in addition to getting a feel for the different towns and cities to aid them with making choices as they prepare to finalise their university applications. All current Year 12 and Year 11 students are encouraged to sign up for the next tour when the announcement is made later this term.