UCLan Law Debate – Motion

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) annually hold Law debates for Senior Schools in Nairobi. This week was the second year that St Andrew’s, Turi took part in the debates. Last year we reached the final round and were knocked out by Hillcrest School.

As is the case every year, 8 Kenyan Schools participated in these Law Debates. The focus of the enterprise is to bring together those of differing circumstances to learn together, improve social skills and debate current issues in a structured setting.
The debate location was Gems Cambridge International School. The motion for knock out rounds this year was: “Facilities such as Guantanamo Bay are justifiable in the fight against terrorism’’ – a very thought provoking and current issue. All involved in the debate articulated themselves well and developed their points to a high standard, resulting in coherent and convincing arguments from both sides. We won both their rounds beating Oshwal and Aga Khan to proceed to the final debate.
St Andrew’s Turi met BrookHouse for their final debate on the Motion : The future of international criminal justice in Africa lies in jettisoning the International Criminal Court in favour of an African equivalent. Personally, I think this opportunity is fantastic for breaking down barriers and challenging preconceptions.
The team who worked tirelessly to prepare winning arguments consisted of: Sandra, Rosa, Courtney, Tamara, Maria, Helen, Wanjiku, Sandra and Myrah.
I want to thank every member who contributed to the successful UCLan Law Debate of 2019.
Thank you!
Miss Tammy Moodley