Turi Tots is a special part of the Prep School

Turi Tots is a special part of St Andrew’s Prep School, catering for the youngest members of our community. Children ages 8 months to 3 years congregate for a couple of hours of fun each morning. “The focus is on learning through play and discovery” says Ms Ndegwe, the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) teacher in charge of the setting. “We help our young children to develop their micro and gross motor skills through a variety of activities, designed to capture their imagination”.

The setting enjoys a variety of facilities including a climbing frame, wendy house, sand pit, water play area, arts/ crafts equipment, construction toys, sit on toys and sports equipment. The children enjoy playing together and making new friends. The setting encourages them to develop their social skills as well as learning basic table manners, during snack time. When they are ready, children are introduced to colours, numbers and shapes; these are learnt through discussion, games and songs.