Turi Students Awarded Coveted Beacon Scholarship

Chelimo Koitaba, Amy Migunda and Shawn Mwenje all Year 13 students at St Andrew’s School, Turi have a lot to be grateful for. Last week they received confirmation that they have not only been accepted to two of the world’s top Universities but that they are also recipients of the Beacon Scholarship.


Mrs Liz Nyariki, a teacher at Turi,  and an alumni of a top University herself (Oxford) is particularly excited to see these top students reap the rewards of their hard work. She says, “The Beacon Scholarship assesses the students’ ability to be formative leaders in the future of East Africa’s development. Only given to the brightest and most ambitious students, it requires the young adults to prove they are well-rounded in terms of their academic ability, but also their commitment to community work, sports, music, art and drama, and their leadership potential. It is an exceptional accolade to be given to Shawn, Amy and Chelimo.

Mrs Nyariki is part of Turi’s  20-20 Elite Universities Programme   and has been Shawn’s 20-20 mentor.


As they celebrate they are also aware of the responsibility that follows this extra-ordinary opportunity. Chelimo will be joining Imperial College London to study Biomedical Engineering (future corona virus strains be warned) while Amy and Shawn be joining Cambridge University to study Natural Sciences and Architecture respectively.


At a time of global crisis we are more cognizant than ever of the need for problem solvers, change-makers and effective leaders. As a school we have this expectation of all our students and we thrive to ensure that the Turi experience not only makes them exceptional students but exceptional citizens as well who use their knowledge and skills to make the places they call home all over Africa better places. At the Sixth form college – two people who are a big part of the students’ journey to University have a few.


Join the entire St Andrew’s School, Turi community in congratulating Chelimo, Amy and Shawn and expecting to see their positive contribution to a better Kenya.



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