Turi Children's Project

Turi Children’s Project (TCP) is a flagship project initiated, funded and over-seen by our Prep School charity, Love-in-Action. The main aim of TCP is to support children (and their families) by providing food, clothing, school fees and access to vocational training. The project continues to go well with around 100 needy families benefiting from our support.

The chicken project is progressing well with around 150 eggs each day. We have now purchased an additional 250 chicks for the top floor of the chicken house. We were delighted to welcome a team from Elizabeth College, Guernsey in February.
They worked very hard and were able to build us a new amazing climbing frame for the children to use. Sherborne College, in the UK, have funded our new exciting food prep and cooking area. This new brick building should be ready to use in around 3 weeks.
Thank you for all your continued support.