The Turi Menu

A lot has been said on the internets about “the menu at Turi” much to our amusement and we will admit sometimes chagrin because there’s a lot more to St Andrew’s School, Turi than just food!


Cake is synonymous with birthdays and a feast often is the anchor of a celebration. This week at Turi, we have had A LOT of cake and a couple of special meals have also been enjoyed to mark our 90th birthday. While none of us who are currently here can take the credit for the 90 years, the celebration is mostly gratitude for being part of the almost century-long story.

You know it’s a celebration when the men get up to dance!

So what would you have on your 90th birthday? Would your teeth allow you to have a steak? Or would you settle for the friendlier soup and bread? Would fruit trifle be a complementary dessert to the brown ugali and managu or would you take your guests’ taste buds on a culinary treat around the world. Moussaka from the East, cold salads from Europe, pavlova from the land down under and perhaps add in some Chinese vegetables.


This past Tuesday, as we had all these and more delicious treats we were reminded of a different time when the founders of the school and all those that worked with and for them were not just physically building a school but laying the foundation for an institution deeply rooted in Christ.

See like any ninety year old, St Andrew’s School, Turi is still here first and foremost because of The Grace of God, love and care, determination, resilience and working for a better tomorrow; not just for us but for those around us. What most people do not know is that ours is the humblest of beginnings; when the class teacher was also the cook and the headmaster the carpenter!

Ninety years on a lot has changed, first the food is perhaps way more interesting than it was; just ask a nine year old Ian McAteer  ( who joined the school in 1968 . Today, we have a much larger group of dedicated men and women working very hard to ensure that we continue Seeking the Highest in all facets of Turi life. Food included!

Turi is a full boarding school so skipping lunch knowing dinner at home will be much better is not an option. For this reason, and of course our pursuit of excellence, we have a dedicated kitchen staff that works almost round the clock to make sure we are well fed.

In his prayer this past Tuesday Mr Wright, our Prep School Head Master remembered all those who have made Tuesday’s celebration lunch possible; including the Italian prisoners of war who painted the beautiful murals on the walls of the dining hall.

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of people that have made St Andrew’s School, Turi what it is today. Looking to another 90 years, we are optimistic that there’ll be lots more of not just great food but high academic achievement, service to the wider Turi community, many more souls won for Christ and all the stuff that makes great childhood memories.

Truth be told, desserts, steaks and cakes are not  reserved for celebrations at Turi; just like vegetables, fruit and anything else considered “typical” food; our pupils experience local and international cuisine on a daily basis. This we consider part of learning!

The dining experience is also part of learning

Happy Birthday 90th Birthday St Andrew’s School, Turi. To God be all the glory!