Sights and Sounds of Turi

St Andrew’s School, Turi is home to a variety of flora and fauna and we are among the lucky few who experience the beautiful sights and sounds all year long. We pick the prettiest petals and display them on our window sills and have avid bird watchers who are patient enough to capture these feathered friends.

informative image . picture of st Andrew's School, Turi terrace


It’s been a worrisome couple of months, with a killer disease bringing the whole world to a standstill. Bad news, fear, anxiety and the loss of livelihoods has been an ironic uniting factor for the world and its citizens. There have been positive outcomes too; we stop long enough to smell the flowers, we are quiet long enough to hear the birds sing and we are keen enough to notice that the smog is clearing and the mountain peaks are now visible.


Well, we sure aren’t certain about tomorrow though we put all our hopes in The Almighty and pray for deliverance from the deadly covid 19 pandemic.


As we wait upon the Lord (and keep social distance) we’d like to share the beautiful Turi countryside with everyone.


Birds of Turi

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