St Andrew’s School, Turi

Board of Governors – The Pillars of Success for Schools

Often, we judge schools as ‘good’ or ‘successful’ based on output that is academic performance, alumni of note or the trophy display acting as evidence of wins in various facets of school life. It is easy to forget that the input, that is, the leadership of the school (with the support and commitment of all stakeholders of course) like any other institution, is a huge part of its success or failure. School heads, deservedly so are the face of school leadership. However, there is a group of men and women behind the scenes who depending on the institution take on a wide range of responsibilities; from hiring staff to setting the strategic road-map of the school. School boards ideally are made up of individuals from different sectors who bring in their unique competencies and insights acquired from their various fields of practice. This service they give voluntarily.


Typically, the main tasks of Governors are:

  • Creating and maintaining the strategic vision of the school
  • Holding School Heads accountable
  • Financial planning and accountability


While these are the obvious obligations of Governors in any industry, there’s a lot more to the job where the future of children is involved; heart and passion are necessary too for successful leadership of a school.


The founders of the St Andrew’s School, Turi had to do literally everything on their own, from cooking, to teaching to construction. Since they left, there have many school heads  who have received from a carefully selected Board of Governors. To this day, the school’s success depends highly on the commitment of its board members.


During the pandemic, the demands placed on their shoulders have tripled. All over the world we have seen headlines of crumbling schools and the questioning of school systems as a whole. Some have been able to maintain some form of teaching and learning online but most students have not been lucky enough to experience regular structured instruction from their respective schools.


Turi has not been spared the struggles attached to the effects of the pandemic. However, we have a lot to be grateful for. Beginning with the leadership of the school, anchored in ‘Seeking the Highest for


Every Individual – with Christ as our guide’ for our learners and the entire Turi family.


Most times, we do not have a clue of who sits on the boards of our various schools or the incredible responsibility and sacrifice it takes. This is an extra role; board members have to take time out of their busy lives and careers to ensure that the institution as a whole runs as expected.


We take this opportunity to appreciate our Governors, past and present, who have upheld the vision of our founders, Ma and Pa Lavers 90 years on.


May God continue to bless you all.

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