The importance of Safeguarding

Safeguarding young people is something we as a school take very seriously. In essence, we look to ensure that children are emotionally and physically safe. Although this may seem limited to the pastoral areas of school life, it is also important to academics; a child is much more likely to achieve if they feel secure and settled.


Within school, we have a number of people who look after the safeguarding needs of the children. House Parents and matrons, for example, ensure children are happy and looked after in Dorms.

Tutors oversee smaller groups of children, helping them to manage academic and co-curricular life. They also support children emotionally. We have a committed Chaplaincy Team who offer spiritual support alongside bible studies and Chapel Services which encourage pupils to think carefully about caring for others. Our medical team are led by our School Doctor, Jonathan Thurlow who trained in the UK as a paediatrician. Nurses are on call, day and night and as well as looking after the medical needs of the children, they also work hard to make children feel loved and cared about when they visit.


Our School Counsellor is available for children to speak to when they feel worried or upset. They are able to make an appointment with her personally, by visiting the medical centre, or they may be referred to her by their House Parent. She supports a number of children and her warm nature means they are often very keen to spend time with her! All our teaching staff receive regular safeguarding training which, this year, has included topics such as: ‘Child Protection’, ‘Peer on peer abuse’, ‘Online Safety’, ‘The Prevent Duty’, ‘Preventing Bullying’, ‘Female Genital Mutilation Awareness’, ‘Child Neglect’ and ‘Mental Well-being in Children and Young People’.


While we make it clear to children that they can talk to any adult that they trust, we have some people in specialist roles, the Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator, for example, manages any bullying concerns. Overseeing the above are our Assistant Head Pastoral and our Deputy Head Pastoral who is also our Designated Safeguarding Lead and focuses on child protection concerns.


Looking after the pupils at the Prep School is our primary concern. We are fortunate to have a staff body who do a wonderful job of working to ensure that children feel safe, settled and secure while in school.​ If you have any questions about the safeguarding support that we offer, please do feel free to contact us.


Claire Scott