The FLIPFLOPI Expedition

Dipesh Pabari and Ben Morison, both alumni of St Andrew’s Senior School,  are working on building the first ever boat made entirely out of recycled ocean plastic and flipflops! The aptly named FlipFlopi Dhow will be constituted of over 200,000 recycled flip-flops!
The 60 foot Flipflopi Dhow, is scheduled to set sail for Cape Town, South Africa in January 2018,  a 5,250 kilometers journey! The boat will be a world first from the unique building techniques to the pioneering expedition.
Ben started the Flipflopi Project after coming face to face with the shocking quantity of plastic and flip-flops on so many of East Africa’s beaches. He saw an opportunity to create something visually exciting and fun which would in turn broadcast a loud message to the whole world about the impact that plastic is having on marine and land ecosystems, how this affects us, and what we can do about it.

 “The FlipFlopi Expedition is a hugely ambitious project with a powerful message at its heart. I admire this endeavor so much. ” – Bear Grylls

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