Swimming at Turi

Swimming has been exciting this year with lots of competitions, fun swim events and pre-season training opportunities. Our pupils are going from strength to strength, practicing their skills and pushing their personal bests!

Our first event was a friendly against Banda School. The Banda competition helped us see our strengths and weaknesses and what we need to do to improve as a team.
The following week, Swim Squad and non-Squad swimmers enjoyed the Inter-House competitions at VISO weekend. We thank the parents, families and friends for their enthusiasm and support during this action packed event.
Only three days later the Swim Squad hosted the Up-Country Gala. Turi were placed second after Pembroke, followed by Kisumu and Greensteds.
The final event for this half of the term was the 1st Turi Pizza Swimathon. All students were invited to take part and swim their stroke of choice, from just 20 meters to the longest race, 320 meter freestyle. Pupils competed against their peers, and enjoyed pizza together. 100 students of all ages participated in this exciting event, with some students even setting School records!
Although there is still room for improvement, we’re excited about the progress of the swimming program at St Andrews. It takes a lot of team effort to succeed and we appreciate your support through your attendance at events, words of affirmation to your children, and the encouragement you give them to practice and do their best.
We look forward to having you cheer us on in the future, as we approach our biggest event of the year; the Swimming IAPS Trophy Gala at Peponi School (Saturday, 4th March).