Strengthening the student voice

St Andrew’s School, Turi, values the thoughts and opinions of its student body. At the Preparatory School, students have the opportunity to take part in various committees designed to discuss and consult on important issues of School life.

Student Council
At St Andrew’s Prep School, the Student Council members meet regularly with the Headmaster, Mr Fergus Llewellyn. He encourages them to ask searching questions and considers their opinions carefully when designing and improving School policies. “Our aim is to be the best School in East Africa”, explains Mr Llewellyn. “Attaining and maintaining this goal means harnessing the constructive feedback of our intelligent and insightful student body”.
E-safety Committee
The School have also recently launched two other committees in which teachers and students come together to achieve a specific goal. The new E-safety Committee is run by Mrs Claire Scott, the Deputy Head (Pastoral). Launching the initiative in Monday morning Chapel, she highlighted the importance of staying safe online, whether that be at school or at home. The group will meet fortnightly to keep informed of the latest developments in technology and on the internet. They discussions and decisions will help protect and educate all students.
Anti-bullying Committee
Introducing the new Anti-bullying Committee, Mr Llewellyn made it clear that bullying is not tolerated at St Andrew’s School, Turi. He said that whilst bullying is very rare at St Andrew’s, the School wants to make every effort to ensure that the school community is characterised by Christian values of love, grace and understanding. He has asked Miss Claire Hirons to lead a team of students to discuss ways to ensure bullying is not a part of Turi life. Miss Hirons explained that all students at Turi should feel happy and secure in all areas of school life. They plan to run events and activities through the School year to promote this message.