Annual St Andrew’s Senior School International Week

This week marked the annual St Andrew’s Senior School International Week. The two main highlights of the week were the World Games and International Night, both planned by the Round Square Committee.

During the world games, students in the Under 15 and Under 19 categories had the opportunity to compete in the football and netball world cups. The competition was hotly contested but Uganda emerged as the netball champions, and Brazil the football champions in the Under 19 competitions. Due to time constraints and unfavorable weather conditions, the Under 15 matches were not completed, but the matches were thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless.
International night was celebrated on Saturday night, with students having the opportunity to adorn clothing from various cultures around the world. The night started off with a photo session and delicious dinner with food items from different countries. After the meal, the show begun. The performances were designed to be representative of the student body, with performances hailing from Italy, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, India and Rwanda.
The atmosphere was unbelievable, with students on their feet dancing and singing along. Overall, the week was fantastic, giving us as a Round Square school, the opportunity to celebrate our international community.