St Andrew’s Day

One of the lovely advantages of being a long and well established School  is the fact that there are plenty of established traditions which pupils look forward to year on year. One of the pupils’ favourite events is our St Andrew’s Day Celebration.

Originally this event was set up to mirror a Highland Games, in recognition of the fact that St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. The event has evolved over the years, but there is still the same sense of physical challenge and adventure. Lately, the emphasis has turned far more to giving our pupils a chance to put into practice the Leadership Principles we teach them, as well as giving our young boys and girls the opportunities to take risks in a safe and secure environment.

The activities are great fun, including, ‘Walking the Plank’ (over the swimming pool), ‘Tug of War’, an ‘Obstacle Course’ and the ‘Spider’s Web’ challenge. Please see the gallery of photos below.

It was a wonderful afternoon, full of achievement, teamwork and enthusiasm, topped off at the end with specially design St Andrew’s cup cakes for tea.