Sports Day 2018

The first VISO of the new academic year saw the St Andrew’s pupils competing to be crowned the school champions in their individual athletic events as well as earn points for their Houses in the Inter-House Sports Day competition.


The week leading up to Sports Day  saw all the field events taking place, as well as the 1500m. Kenya took an early lead in the competition winning four of the six 1500m races and finishing second in the other two. This, alongside some other good results across the field events saw them gain a 10 point lead in the competition.


Elgon were their closest competitors who also had some strong performances in the field events. Ruwe and Kili left themselves with lots of work to do on Sports Day as they fell 30 points behind the leaders.


With just the track events to take place on Sports Day it was up to all the competitors to put in their best efforts in order to see their House come out on top. Kenya started the day well and placed one hand on the trophy with 3 wins in the 800m events. However in the sprints (100m/200m) Elgon started to claw back, winning 6 of the 12 sprints, with Kili’s sprinters also performing well.


With just the relays to go, the gap between Kenya in 1st and Elgon in 2nd was as it started at the beginning of the day at 10 points. Elgon knew they needed a strong performance in the relay should they stand any chance of grabbing the trophy from Kenya’s grasp and they did just that, winning four of the five relay races. However Kenya managed to win the U13 girls relay and finish second in the rest, which was enough to secure the overall win and be crowned Sports Day champions 2018. The final results were as follows:


  • 1st – Kenya          176 points
  • 2nd – Elgon           166 points
  • 3rd – Ruwe          124 points
  • 4th – Kili                 117 points

There were some outstanding individual performances throughout the competition and the following pupils were awarded the trophy for top athlete in their category:


  • U9 Girls – Philippa Boulle (Kenya)
  • U9 Boys – Daniel Thurlow (Kili) and Jamie Scott (Ruwe)
  • U11 Girls –Tracy Obitre-Gama (Elgon)
  • U11 Boys – Hugh Boulle (Kenya)
  • U13 Girls – Kidiavai Luvai (Kenya)
  • U13 Boys – Osagie Aziegbe (Elgon)