Sports day 2017

Week three of the Christmas term 2017 saw the St Andrew’s pupils competing it out to be crowned the school champions in their individual athletic events as well as earn points for their Houses in the Inter-House Sports Day competition.

The week leading up to Sports Day on VISO saw all the field events taking place. Ruwe surprisingly took an early lead on Day 1, with their Under 9 competitors Yuhi Crevan and Claudia Kinuthia performing very well. However it wasn’t long before Elgon began to assert their dominance with a very strong showing in both the boys and girls Under 13 field events. Lionel Rezida from Elgon blew away the field in both the shot put and discus events and Ime-Ruth Udoh and Ella Ndubai cleaned up in the long jump and triple jump for Elgon. Kenya also placed themselves in contention for the trophy with some good results in the Under 11 categories, with John Oganga winning both the high jump and long jump events. With the completion of the field events and 1500m the results had Elgon in first place, Kenya in second, followed by Ruwe and Kili in third and fourth respectively.
With just the track events to take place on Sports Day it was up to all the competitors to put in their best efforts in order to see their House come out on top. The day started with the 800m events and it was Ruwe who came out on top, winning three of the six 800m events to place themselves back in contention for the trophy. Kili showed that their strength lay in the sprints, winning three of the six 200m races as well as the 400m race. The 100m races were evenly spread out with Elgon, Kili and Ruwe each winning two of the events.
With just the relays to go, Elgon’s consistency through all the events had gained them a healthy 15 point lead over Kenya which meant that there was not much chance of being overtaken at the top of the standings. The race for second was very tight though with Ruwe trailing Kenya by just three points. Ruwe won three of the relays with Elgon winning the other two. This ended up being just enough for Ruwe to claim second place overall. The final standings were as follows:

  • 1st – Elgon      167 points
  • 2nd – Ruwe     149 points
  • 3rd – Kenya     148 points
  • 4th – Kili          130 points

There were some outstanding individual performances throughout the competition and the following pupils were awarded the trophy for top athlete in their category:

  • U9 Girls – Claudia Kinuthia (Winner of high jump, ball throw, 200m and 100m)
  • U9 Boys – Yuhi Crevan (Winner of high jump and long jump)
  • U11 Girls –Tracy Obitre Gama (Winner 1500m and 200m) and Elaine Wojega (800m and 100m)
  • U11 Boys – John Oganga (Winner long jump and high jump)
  • U13 Girls – Ime-Ruth Udoh (Winner Long jump and 100m)
  • U13 Boys – Joseph Mambi (Winner 200m and 100m)