So Many Books!

This VISO weekend, we had the great pleasure of opening our refurbished library. The aim has been to create an environment that fosters a love for reading and learning, and under the creative leadership and vision of Mrs Draper, we have completed the first phase of that process. Gone are the desks and banks of computers; they are now housed in more relevant areas of the School. Instead, Mrs Draper has focused on making an environment that is comfortable, welcoming, imaginative and inspiring.

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” (Jacqueline Kennedy)

Here at St Andrew’s, we not only recognise the importance of reading, we also go out of our way to put initiatives and incentives in place to foster excellent reading habits. Another such initiative is our regular Book Fairs, which take place every second VISO. We thank all of our parents for supporting this scheme, and we are delighted with the vast number of books that were purchased. However, the opportunities to support our reading program does not stop there. Parents may, if they wish, sponsor a book in our library, with the aim of enlarging and modernising our stock.

If you would be interested, please do contact Mrs Draper at