Showing Love through our Actions

Here at St Andrew’s School, Turi, we seek to grow gracious and compassionate leaders for our very needy world. Love-in-Action, our Prep School charity, is at the heart of this endeavour.


Charity Days


Once every term, we have a Love-in-Action Charity Day. On this day pupils and teaching staff wear home clothes, listen to a presentation about the activities of the charity within our local community, share a simple lunch of ugali (cornmeal mush) and Sukuma Wiki (collard greens), give some of our resources to the charity and gather together to pray for all in need.


We do these things not to tick a box or so that we can feel good but firstly because we seek to imitate Jesus who gave up everything, even his place with God, and accepted the role of a servant (Phil. 2:7). He humbled himself to dwell among us, the needy. Secondly, we are intentionally compassionate in response to Christ’s call for us to give without expecting something in return (Matt. 25:35-40) thus showing our love to God and neighbour in action (1 John 3:18 cf. Luke 10:25-37)


Our Love in Action Charity Day is about meeting the needs of the less privileged. The simple lunch taken on this day is an act of denial to identify with those in our local community for whom lunch, any lunch, is a luxury. It is for us an act of following the Lord as he walks in the dirt of our fallen world; calling us to love sincerely and to put our love in action.


Turi Children’s Project (TCP)Descrip

Turi Children’s Project began in 2013 and is under the Love –in-Action banner. It was set up as a community project to help disadvantaged children, of which there are sadly many in the Turi area, with the view to providing recreation and games, academic support, vocational training, counselling, occasional medical check-ups , and a daily meal, in the name of Jesus.  We have been doing just that ever since.


The money raised through the various giving opportunities by the School, staff, friends, parents and, most importantly, pupils is mainly used to support Turi Children’s Project (TCP), various needy families in the community and a lunch programme at a local primary school.


At the Turi Children’s Project (TCP), the money is used to feed needy children daily, pay school fees, buy uniform and school shoes, buy mattresses, give food parcels, giving a stipend of appreciation to the TCP volunteers and teaching a trade for needy children who drop out of school. The recipients of these acts of love and kindness are extremely appreciative.


Proud of their work. Knitting is one of the skills the children acquire at TCP


Covid-19 Pandemic and school closures

A place to go after school


While the effects of the pandemic have been felt by all worldwide, life is significantly harder for the less fortunate members of society like the TCP families.  During “normal” times most of these families struggle to put a meal together on a daily basis. The TCP children are guaranteed at least one meal after school, which sadly is not possible with schools closed. For this reason, we are determined to continue supporting them with food and essentials like soap and face masks during this season. With the help of well-wishers, St Andrew’s School, Turi staff, pupils, parents and alumni we aim to have ‘pick-up’ days every fortnight.


Dedicated volunteers


Love in Action charity cannot achieve any of the good work done without the help of a team of very dedicated volunteers who keep the programmes running. Many members of staff give their time and resources directly towards love in Action through supporting and coordinating the activities. There are other teams at the Turi Children’s Project and at the local primary school who oversee the day to day running of the projects. Our pupils are involved not only through their giving but also through weekly visits to the projects. We feel that this is an excellent way for our young pupils not only to be aware of the need in the community but also to find solutions to the need and appreciate what God has graciously given them.